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Found this a short while down and decided it'd be fun to fill it out with the same character, just to see how her opinions would have evolved!

HERE WE GO!!!!!!

1) Choose one of your own characters.
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then, tag 4 people.
4) Feel free to add some questions of your own!

Your Character:
Keral Xylna

1. Gender?

2. Age?

3. Hug?
Ehh, nah.. I'll stick with just standing here for now, thanks.

4. Bad Habits?
Hm, drinking, smoking herbs, and beating up my brother.

5. Favorite Food?
Never really thought about it before, but I'd have to say just a simple meat 'n' veggie sandwich.

6. Ice Cream Flavor?
Vanilla, with a caramel syrup on top!

7.What is your species?
Humanoid subclass of demon, we lack the ability to alter our forms at will but we've got a stronger grasp on magics.

8. Killed Anyone?
Some, yes. Usually out of them being a threat or sheer rage.

9. Hate Anyone?
I dislike a lot of these weirdos, but only one of the contestants could truly earn my hatred...

10. Secrets?
Yup, what sentient being doesn't have a least one or two laying around?

11. Favorite Season?
Fall. Its nice and calm while being nicely cold. And since I'm a natural resident of the underworld its a nice change.

12. Best Friends?
Polydog, Rezz, and of course my dear Alnata.

13. Hobbies?
Discovering new forms of magics, and new languages. It's always interesting seeing how other cultures speak.

14. Fav Drink?
Rum, Vodka, and chocolate milk.

15. Birthday?
Xecv Lor 33 2b, or in human terms February 17th 2194

16. What age did you die?
... Still sitting here dipshit.

17. Nice Or Mean?
Erm, do you mean myself or others? I like to think of myself as a normal person, one who can only take shit for so long before losing it.

18. What do you think of your creator?
A weird little dork who just seems too quiet at times..

19. Weakness?
As weak as your average humans anatomy.

20. How long can you stay underwater?
As long as I can conjure my breathing spell.

21. What do you do on a regular basis?
Attempts at Magic mastery, consumption of my favorite beverages, and more private matters.

22. Do you love someone?
Yep, Alnata!

23. Does the person love you back?

24. Do you like me?
Too many questions, but I'd like to think I'm getting paid for this.

25. What do you consider fun in the day time?
Any day where my ass isn't in imminent danger of getting blown the fuck up, or killed in any sort of way.

26. At night?
Drinking and sleep... Mostly sleep.

27. You like meatballs?
... (She'd be squinting intensely slowly shaking her head from side to side.)

28. Chef Boyardee's meatballs?
... (Same as above)

29. Are you gay?
In normal terms I suppose it would be accurate to call me a homosexual based off of my relationship alone, however I assure I quite like men too.

30. Say that you were trapped in a closet with your lover for 2 days.
... Sex. Lots of it..

31. Place of origin?

32. Large or small family?
Rather average, Dad, Elder bro, Twin brother, and a little sister.

33. Who are your parents?
Lord Xylna. I was never really able to see mom that much and she either died or left shortly after my sister's birth.
Not much of an opinion on her as a result.

34. Do you have a phobia?
Any sort of talking plant. And weird abominable humanoids.

35. Piercing/tattoos?
Four piercings in each ear, two collar bone piercings, and a bunch of magically bound tattoos.

36. Is this quiz over?
I see more questions, so no.

37. Do you like cats?
They're soft, fluffy and cute. So I guess?

38. Lucky number?
Huh, never though of that one before! I'd have to say 24!

39. Favorite color?

40. Eye color?

41. Hair color?

42. Quick! Someone kissed your love! what do you do?
Kick the guy right in the dick.

43. Fav music?
Hmmm, really anything I like the sound of. No specific genre of music. Just songs. Though DJ Shrooms has some nice tunes.

44. No one cares about you?
Quite the contrary.

45. Where do you want to be right now?.
Chillin' with my love and friends or working on some new spells.

46. What are you in your love's opinion?
A complete and utter ball of what the fuck. But also a complete cutie..

47. What do you do for a living?
Contestant number 8, in the reality TV tournament; How to Drop a Universe.

48. You are in jail. What do you do?
Blow a hole in the wall and walk out. Is.. this a trick question?

49. Wanna party with me?
Eh, don't really know you so I'd have to decline.

50. This quiz is over...

51. You know I'm just kidding...
Fucks sake.

52. Now for real this quiz is over..
Grumble, grumble.

53. BYE!
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